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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum in Reception, as well as the rest of Early Years, is bespoke to Moorcroft Wood has been developed to ensure children master the skills necessary to meet the Early Learning Goals as well as incorporating wider experiences.  The Early Learning Goals set out what a child should be able to do by the time they finish Reception.  


The curriculum has been developed through a combination of research, government published guidelines and the experiences of the staff working in our school.  Quite simply we have considered 'what do our children need?', and then developed a curriculum to deliver this.  


Our curriculum follows a 'skills ladder approach'.  The element of the Early Learning Goal is at the top of the skills ladder and we have then developed learning steps that lead to the achievement of that element of the goal.  We have then taken these learning steps and incorporated them into a wider curriculum that provides depth and experiences for our children.  Please view the documents below and feel free to ask should you need any clarification.