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Number Bingo! (Live on Google Classroom)

I really enjoy our games of bingo and it has been great to hear how many of you do too. When we meet on Google Classroom today, let's have another game of bingo! Tune in at 1.05pm to play and win bingo dojo’s!


Before we meet, if you would like to play, get yourself a piece of paper and split it into six boxes as you did before half term. When we play the game, I will pull one number out of a bag at a time. If you have this number on your board then you can take that card off. If you don’t, wait and see what the next number will be. Once all six numbers on your board have been called out shout “BINGO” and you will be our winner and get a bingo dojo!



We might have chance to play this game a few times so once the game has ended. Pick six more numbers from your pack and place them on your bingo board. If you do not have your number cards to hand, please don’t worry, you can write your numbers on the board and cross them off as they are called instead. If we get time for round two, simply turn your paper over for the next six. Please note: If you do not have your number cards to use today, the numbers we will be playing with are 1 – 10.


Let’s play bingo!