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Number Bingo! (Live on Google Classroom)

On Friday a few of you said you’d like a game of number bingo during our next live session. We will play number bingo today but with a twist. I will pull numbers out of a bag but give you addition clues to guess which number it is. For example, I might say… “The number is 2+2”. What does 2+2 equal? 4. So if you have 4 on your board you can take it off. When all of your numbers have gone then shout BINGO! As the clues will be involving addition today, if you would like some counting objects nearby to help you with your counting then please feel free to do so.  


Before we meet, if you would like to play, get yourself a piece of paper and split it into six boxes as you usually do. We might have chance to play this game a few times so once the game has ended. Pick six more numbers from your pack and place them on your bingo board. If you do not have your number cards to hand, please don’t worry, you can write your numbers on the board and cross them off as they are called instead. If we get time for round two, simply turn your paper over for the next six. Please note: If you do not have your number cards to use today, the numbers we will be playing with are 1 – 10.



Let’s play bingo!