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Monday 8th February

Today’s Time Table

Good morning Year 3.

Every day this week, we will be having a lesson on how to stay safe online.

Then on Thursday, as a school we will be celebrating ‘Safer Internet Day 2021’ and having a whole day learning about what you can, and what you cannot, trust online.

Scroll down to see today’s online safety lesson.































Times tables










Mr Gilbey Reads


Google Classroom call @ 09.25



Google Classroom call @ 11.05




Google Classroom call @ 2.20



09.00 – 09.25

Maths – 8 times table


This week I want us to look at becoming fluent in our 8 times table.

Now there are a lot of similarities between the 8 and the 4 times tables we learnt most recently.

By spotting the relationship between the two, it should make it easier to learn the 8 times table now we know the 4 times table so well.

So today I want you to…


  1. Complete both the 4 and 8 times tables below.

Whilst we have not looked at the 8 times table, do not forget we already know a lot of them. For example, because you know your 2 times table you know 2 x 8, because you know your 5 times table you know 5 x 8.

One way of calculating any you don’t know, is repeated addition. For example if 3 x 8 = 24, to calculate 4 x 8, you would do 24 add another 8.


4 Times Table                       8 Times Table

1 x 4 = 4                                             1 x 8 = 8

2 x 4 = ?                                             2 x 8 = ?

3 x 4 = ?                                             3 x 8 = ?

4 x 4 = ?                                             4 x 8 = ?

5 x 4 = ?                                             5 x 8 = ?

6 x 4 = ?                                             6 x 8 = ?

7 x 4 = ?                                             7 x 8 = ?

8 x 4 = ?                                             8 x 8 = ?

9 x 4 = ?                                             9 x 8 = ?

10 x 4 = ?                                            10 x 8 = ?

11 x 4 = ?                                            11 x 8 = ?

12 x 4 = ?                                            12 x 8 = ?


Can you spot the similarities yet?


      2. In your pack of resources, you should have some blank “100 Squares” like the below.

If you cannot find them, I have attached one at the bottom of this lesson so you can print one off if needed.


On a 100 Squares, I would like you to colour in all the four times tables, so you would colour in the numbers 4, 8, 12 etc.

After this, I want you to colour in all the 8 times tables from your grid above.


Can you now see a pattern connecting the 4 and the 8 times tables?


Keep both pieces of work close by as we will use them to help us become fluent in the 8 times tables throughout the week.

09.25 – 10.15

Maths – Reading the time in 5 minute intervals.

Google Classroom video call at 09.25am for the first 15 minutes.


I have chosen another topic in Maths that you use every day in your lives… reading the time!

You have already proven to me that you can read the time when it is o’clock, half past, and quarter past and quarter to.

So this week we are going to make sure you are able to read the time in 5 minute intervals.

Therefore before we go any further, let’s practise counting up in 5 because that is a skill you will need for this.

Starting at 0, 5, 10…



Telling the Time “X Minutes Past the Hour”

Starting at 12, we count clockwise round the clock to tell us the minutes past the hour.

Every large number counts as 5 minutes…


Using this knowledge what time do the clock below show?



Telling the Time “X Minutes To the Hour”

Then starting at 12, we count anticlockwise round the clock to tell us the minutes to the next hour.

Again every large number counts as 5 minutes…                                             

Also do not forget when the big hand is on this side of the clock, you would say which hour is coming next. For example 5 minute to 11.


Using this knowledge what time do the clock below show?


We are going to have lots of practise on this over the week so give the below challenges a go and we can see how you all get on tomorrow.

10.40 – 11.05

English – Boggle


I saw some tremendous work on the Boggles last week, so let’s go again today.

Please see below today’s nine letters. Can you find more words than you did from Fridays letters?



Your tasks…

  1. How many words can you make from the above letters? Three or more letters only.
  2. I can confirm there is a nine letter word. Can you tell me what it is?



  • It may help you spot words if you write out the letters in a different order. Then repeat this again and you might see more words.
  • There is an ‘s’ in these letters so if you spot any words that do not use this ‘s’, you might be able to add it to the end of your words to create another.


Bring your list of words with you to the 11.05am call so I can see how you have got on.



11.05 – 12.00

English – Journey to the Jungle

Google Classroom video call at 11.05am for the first 15 minutes.


After having Friday off from our Journey to the Jungle topic, we are going back to it today.


Firstly I would like you to re-read the jungle log found on page 3 and some of the imaginative items you came up with for your explorer’s rucksack poem on page 9.


Today’s task is found on page 10 of the Talk For Writing booklet.


We are going to imagine we have gone through the wardrobe and we are in a new jungle.

If you looked through a telescope (an instrument that makes far away objects look closer), what would you see? What would the jungle look like? What weird and wonderful things would be in this new place? So in the circle found on page 10, draw what you would see through the telescope. 

Please be as imaginative as possible. If you think you would have candy floss trees, draw some tree with pink branches and leaves. If you think this special jungle would have a green sky, draw a green sky.

My only condition is… I do not want to see any white within the telescope lens!




1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

For the first time this week, settle down, snuggle with a blanket, grab a pillow and have some quiet reading with your Bug Club library.


Quite a few of you have been moved up a book band so should have a nice selection of books to choose from.


Please remember the below top tips

  • When reading a book, put it on full screen as this enables you to see and use the back and next buttons clearly.
  • If there is a bug on the page it means you have questions to answer. Click on the bug and that will reveal the question that needs answering correctly before you can move book bands.
  • IT the end of the book, once you have answered the questions, be sure to click on ‘finished book’ as that then updates me that you have finished the book and how you have got on with the questions.




1.20pm – 2.20pm

Computing – online safety


We are spending more and more time online than ever before, so it is more important than ever to understand how to stay safe when we are online on laptops, tablets, games consoles or even mobile phones.

In today’s online safety lesson, we will remind ourselves of the 5 key rules to keeping safe when online.

Please watch the video at the top of the below web page and make sure you understand each of these 5 rules.

Now that you are reminded of these rules, I thought it would be nice to create a poster about how to stay safe online. Please see some examples of other posters, with the bottom selection being created by children…





Please create your own poster to help children remember how to keep safe online.

It can be based on just one of the rules from the video, or you could include all five.

It should be nice and colourful so it grabs people’s attention and ideally not have too many words.

Could you even come up with and include a catchy message on your poster.

Now you know the task, maybe watch the video again for some inspiration.


If you do not finish your poster in this lesson, do not worry, we will find some time later in the week to get it finished.




2.20pm – 2.35pm

Mr Gilbey Reads…        


Join us at 2.20pm to be introduced to the final teacher in the World’s Worst Teacher in today’s Mr Gilbey Reads.


We have met Mr and Mrs Lovely-Dovey, Doctor Dreed, Mrs Splatt and who could forget Mr Bulk.

Who will we meet next?

See you all at 2.20pm to find out!