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Monday 8th February 2021

Good morning everyone,


I hope you have had a good weekend.  Here are some activity suggestions for today.  I hope you enjoy them.  Remember, if you cannot do them today then you can always look back on the webpage an do them on another day if you want to.


Kind regards,


Mr Leese. 

Here are some pictures from your friends in Nursery

Board Games

Play a board game - practise taking turns and celebrate winning or losing.  Learn that it is the taking part that counts.  You could even have a go at making your own board game if you want to.

What's in the Box

Decorate a box and place two holes in the side of it large enough to fit your hands through.  Place an item in the box without your child being able to see what it is.  See if they can feel the item and work out what it is.  If you do not want to make a box, you could place an item under a towel.  The aim of this game is to encourage speaking skills and communication and language. 

Sensory Writing

You have been doing some excellent writing.  If you want to continue to use paper for your writing then that is great, but for a change you could try putting a little shaving foam on a tray and writing in it instead.  If we are lucky enough to have some snow that has been forecast, then you could try writing in the snow.  You could write words using the sounds you know, or writing your name (which is something a lot of you have been working on).


You may want to watch the Geraldine Video below and try writing the sound 'v'.


Loose Parts Art

Use items that you may have in the house such a buttons, dried pasta shapes, pegs, coins, curtain rings, bolts etc see if you can make a picture.  I would love to see any pictures that you make so please send a photograph of your work.  Remember to be careful with small pieces and do not put them in your mouth.  

Ten Green Bottles

Learn a selection of different number songs such as '10 Green Bottles, '1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive' , ' 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed' etc.  

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /v/

Get more activities, more resources and of course, more Geraldine, from Mr T's Phonics - here: We make le...

The Little Red Hen #ReadAlong StoryBook Video For Kids Ages 2-7

Learn to read with The Little Red Hen read along storybook written by Pail Galdone.For more great books, download the Curious World app that has 1,000+ games...

Here are some questions to talk about after you have watched the video of The Little Red Hen.


1)  "The cat liked to sleep all day on the soft couch."  What is another word for a couch?  (Sofa, settee).


2) "The dog liked to nap all day on the sunny back porch."  What does 'nap' mean?   (sleep)


3) The poor Red Hen had to do all of the housework.  Can you think of any jobs that are 'housework'?    (hoover, wash up, tidy up , wash the clothes etc)


4)  What did the Little Red Hen find when she was hoeing the garden?  (Some grains of wheat).


5)  Did the other animals help the Little Red Hen do the jobs?   (No)


6)  What did the Little Red Hen make?  (A cake)


6)  Can you think of one job that the animals said they would help with?  (Eating the cake).


7) Did you enjoy the story?  Why / why not?