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Monday 6th July

Our Zoom lesson today will be the Maths work. Login at 9.30am with your Maths CGP book that you were given last week and we’ll go through this together. Zoom login details have been sent on Class Dojo (this morning) and were text out yesterday.


Maths – Complete pages 36 & 37 in your Maths CGP book on Rounding Decimals. Remember if the number is 4 or below, go down low. 5 or above, give it a shove.


English – Today we are going to complete pages 26 & 27 in your English CGP book looking at How to use Paragraphs. Remember that you need to change Paragraph whenever you change the Time, Person, Topic or Place. See this video for a reminder. Please use joined handwriting throughout!


Reading – 15 minutes of reading. Please send a photo of the reading or the reading record signed.


Music – After being impressed by your body percussion last week, I’d like you to give the following body percussion below a go. Feel free to work with siblings/family to try doing it together!

In The Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg