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Monday 4th May 2020

Monday 4th May 2020


Hi everyone,


I hope you had a good weekend and managed to enjoy the lovely weather.

As I mentioned last week, this Friday celebrates 75 years since VE (Vivtory in Europe) Day.  Later in the week, we will be finding out a little more about VE Day. 


I have included some links to online lessons this week from Oak National Academy.  There is a maths and English lesson and I hope you find them enjoyable. 


There are lots of activities listed below.  Feel free to complete as many of them as you wish.


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Mr Leese


Activity Suggestions for Today


Phonics and Literacy


Ruth Miskin is delivering a speed sounds lesson on her Youtube channel at 9.30am.    The programme developed by Ruth Miskin (RWI) is the one that the children will use in Reception.   

View Alphablocks Series 1 episode 21 – The link is lower down the page.

Revise all single letter sounds using the ‘Ants on my Arm’ song – link lower down the page.     

Have a go at writing lower case ‘o’.  See the video below.  This appears to be an easier letter to write, but make sure that children write the ‘o’ anticlockwise Q (children tend to want to write it clockwise P). 


Continue working on blending skills; a vital skill is mastering reading.  See the activity below where children have to match words to pictures. 


Check out the online English lesson all about making porridge.  Who do you think the porridge could be for?  Check out the lesson to find out. 

Альфаблокс Сезон 1 Серия 21 "Quiet" - Alphablocks Series 1 Episode 21"Quiet"

Обучающие мультфильмы на английском для дошкольников! Учите английский? Ищете репетитора по английскому языку? Тогда вам сюда - Видео н...

Jolly Phonics Phase Two

children good

Phonics Blending Song CVC Words and More Check out our printable phonics resources and online games! A phonics song that helps children practice using th...

Lowercase Alphabet Letter O Learn to Read and Write

Learn to read and write the lowercase letter O with this fun and engaging letter formation video. Listen to the phonic sound the letter O makes over and over...


Check out the lesson from Oak Academy about counting actions and objects to 10. Link below.

Arts, Crafts and Understanding of the World


Throughout the remainder of the week I will be posting resources that can be used to prepare for a VE Day celebration party at home.  The link today explains a little bit about VE Day.  I realise that the content is quite complex for Nursery children but some may be interested. 


Please have a look at it before sharing it with your child to see what you think.


A simple understanding that VE Day is remembering something that happened a long time ago would be appropriate for Nursery aged children. 

Physical Development


The PE lessons by Joe Wicks can be accessed on You Tube. 


Yoga movements to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  – See link below.

PE With Joe | Monday 4th May

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Yoga Story

A yoga and movement story

Story Time


Story from Friday 1st May – Eat Your Peas


Watch the story and then discuss the following questions.


1) What was the girl in the story called? 

The girl was called Daisy.


2) What did mum want Daisy to do?

Mum wanted Daisy to eat her peas.


3) What is your favourite vegetable?

No right or wrong answer to this one as long as children say a vegetable.


4) Towards the end of the story mum promised Daisy a lot of things if she ate her peas.  Would you eat your peas for all those things?

Again, no right or wrong answer to this one, but encourage children to elaborate.


5) What did Daisy say mum had to do in order for her to eat her peas?

Daisy said she would eat her peas if mum ate her brussel sprouts. 


6) Peas are very good for you.  Can you think of any other food that is good for you?

Encourage children to think of foods such as fruit and vegetable which are healthy.


7) Did you enjoy the story?  Why/why not?

No right or wrong answer as long as children can justify their decisions.


Story for today (4th May 2020) Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


This story links into the English lesson from Oak Academy and the yoga activity. 

Enjoy the story and discuss the questions below.


1) The Three Bears lived in a cottage in the woods.  What is a ‘cottage’?

2) Which bear was the biggest?

3) Which bear was the smallest?

4) Why did the bears not eat their porridge straight away?

5) Why did everyone call Goldilocks ‘Goldilocks’?

6) Do you think Goldilocks is well behaved?  Why/why not?

7) The bears had a shock when they got back home.  What did they find?

8) Why did Goldilocks scream and run off towards the end of the story?

9) Do you think Goldilocks learned to do as she was told?

10) Which was your favourite part of the story and why?

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Oxbridge Baby

Description: Watch Goldilocks and the Three Bears now. For more Fairy Tales, Nursery Rhymes, Kids Songs and Preschool Learning Videos click here: https://www...