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Monday 30th March 2020

Monday 30th March 2020


Good morning,


I hope everyone had a good weekend. 


You all did really well last week.  There were so many photographs sent in of all the fabulous things that you have been doing.    You can view them on the website.  I will be setting more activities to do this week and again, please keep the photos coming and I will put them on the website.  The activities are only suggestions but I hope the children enjoy them. 


As always I can be contacted on class dojo or by emailing


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese




Remember to view the speed sound session from Ruth Miskin at 9.30am.  The link to the tutorial is further down the page.  Ruth’s lesson is available on youtube throughout the day so if you miss the 9.30am slot you can view it later but each lesson is only available for 24hours once it has been broadcast.  Some parents have said that their children find the speed sounds sessions a little dull so I have included some links further down the page to some more lively phonics activities which the children may enjoy more instead.  


View Alphablocks Series 1 episode 6 – again the link is lower down the page.  


Also, check out the Mister Teach videos that have been recommended by Nathan.  The link is further down the page.  


I have also included a link to Geraldine.  The children are familiar with Geraldine but she can be a bit mischievous!  You may want to make a Geraldine puppet using and old sock.  




Read through a story book.  Ask the children to draw a picture of their favourite characters and tell you what they have drawn a picture of. Encourage children to talk about their favourite characters, settings, stories.   Encourage children to talk about the different events in the story and hold the book correctly, turning one page at a time.




Sorting different objects. Place all of the different objects in a bowl and ask the children to sort them in terms of colour, shape, size etc.


Arts, Crafts and Understanding of the World


See literacy activity - read through a book and draw a picture of your favourite character. 


Physical Development


Join Joe Wicks for his daily PE lesson at 9am.  The link to Joe’s youtube chanel is further down the page.   The lesson is live at 9am but I think it is available to view on youtube later if you miss it.


I have included some more dough disco.


Story Time


On Friday the children watched the story of The Lazy Ladybird which I chose because Kelsi sent in a picture of a model ladybird that she had made.  I hope everyone enjoyed the story.  Here are the answers to the questions.Today's story is further down the page.


1) What did the lazy ladybird like to do all day and all night?

She liked to sleep all day and night. 


2) What was it that she didn't know how to do?

She didn't know how to fly. 


3) Why could the ladybird not sleep in the kangaroo's pouch?

The kangaroo kept jumping.  It was too bouncy to sleep.


4)  What did the tiger keep doing that kept the ladybird awake?

The tiger was too noisy.  He kept roaring. 


5)  What happened in the end that made her fly?

The elephant sneezed and the ladybird shot into the air.  


6) What does the word 'lazy' mean?

'Lazy' means that someone doesn't do very much at all. 


7) Which was you favourite animal in the story?

No right or wrong answer to this as long as the animal chosen was actually in the story. 


8) Did you like the story?  Why / why not?

No right or wrong answers to this one. 


The story for Monday 30th March 2020


The Story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Watch the story and discuss the questions below.


1) What came out of the egg at the beginning of the story?

2) What did the caterpillar do when he came out of the egg?

3) On which day did he eat 3 plums?

4) On Saturday the caterpillar ate a lot.  How did he feel after eating so much?

5) What do real caterpillars usually eat?

6) The caterpillar built a small house around himself.  What was this house called?

7) What did the caterpillar turn into at the end of the story?

8) Did you enjoy the story?  Why/why not?

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