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Monday 29th June

Good morning everyone! 

I'm looking forward to seeing some of you in school - if you're joining us, please make sure you bring your activity books with you.




For today's activities, you will need to read pages 27-31 of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Now, answer these questions.

  1. Where is this part of the story set?
  2. Why does Peter Rabbit decide not to talk to the cat?
  3. Which words describe the noise that the hoe makes? Do you think these words are effective (do a good job) in describing the sound?
  4. Can you work out what the word 'scuttered' might mean?
  5. How is Peter feeling at the end of Page 28?
  6. What thoughts do you think Peter is having when he sees the gate and Mr McGregor?
  7. Why do you think Peter got down 'very quietly'?
  8. Why did Peter not care that Mr McGregor had caught sight of him?
  9. How do you think Peter feels once he is in the wood?
  10. What happened to Peter's jacket?

Challenge: Can you compare how Peter was feeling when he first arrived in Mr McGregor's garden to how he felt during all the times he was being chased by Mr McGregor and trying but failing to find the gate?


This week in Maths we will be looking at different ways we can show and understand information.

Today we are starting off with information tables.


Watch the video here to find out more!


Challenge 1: Complete page 54 of your activity book.

Read the tables to find the information you are asked for.


Challenge 2: Create your own information table.

Draw a table to show your activities for the day, then answer the questions that follow. I've done mine below!


Time Activity
7am Bike ride
8am Eating and getting ready for the day
9am Post activities on school's website for Year 2
10am School work
11am Play with cats and read book
12pm  School work
1pm Eating lunch
2pm School work
3pm Walk
4pm Sewing
5pm Sewing

Eating dinner

7pm Read book


  1. What will I be doing at 4:30pm?
  2. What do I spend most time doing during a day?
  3. What is the first thing I do in the day?


This lesson is all about kindness - what a way to start the week!




Read a book for 10 minutes - either one of your own, or this eBook.