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Monday 25th January 2021

Good Morning All!


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Google Classroom Meeting at 8:40 - 8:55



Google Classroom Meeting at 10:20 - 10:35

PSHE Lunch   Snow Activities Reading for Pleasure


Slightly different day today because of the snow - we're going to continue our usual routine this morning with a live maths lesson at 8.40 and live english lesson at 10.20. Then this afternoon is your time to have some fun in the snow.


Please send your work into me via Dojo, Google Classroom or email (

We will be marking this work and using it as proof of attendance for each day.


Feel free to watch newsround each day to keep in touch with what is going on in the world.



Today we are looking at multiplying decimals - as with multiplying whole numbers, we can do this with the Gelosian method. 


Below is a video of how to complete the method however I would hope that the children could remember it.

Multiplying decimals with the Gelosian Method

Log in to Google Classroom to complete the quiz in the same way we did a couple of weeks ago.



Mrs Brant will be leading us through some writing in our Google Classroom Meeting. Again, make sure you are logged in and ready to write by 10:20am as we will again only have 15 minutes of live video. You will need your plain exercise book ready with something to write with.



Hello Year 6! For PSHE we are sticking with media, looking at another facet of how things can be manipulated. Today, we are specifically looking at how images and text can be manipulated and changed.


Photographs of men and women have been edited and retouched for many, many years, before the invention of photoshop and filters. Photographers used to use different types of paints and chemicals to alter images when developing photographs. However, nowadays anyone can get hold of photoshopping software and most of us have filters on our phone. That means that a majority of photographs we see online may have been changed in some way.


When we see pictures of celebrities in magazines, online or in adverts, it is important to remember the level of work that has been put in to reach the final image. They will have had professional hair stylists, make-up artists and photographers working with them for hours. Some celebrities, or their managers, may pay professional photoshop experts to enhance these images – some photographs have had someone altering them for up to 8 hours to make them ‘perfect’. Follow the link below to a BBC clip which takes you through each stage of that process.


PSHE KS3 / GCSE: The unrealistic nature of media images - BBC Teach


So how might this affect the way we see ourselves and others? How can this affect body image?

‘Body image’ is the term we use to describe how people see themselves, and how they feel about their body. This is closely linked with ‘self-esteem’ – confidence in your own worth and abilities.  

Take a look at the attached document – you will see lots of examples where a photograph has been edited and altered to reach an idea of ‘perfection’. But is anyone perfect? Do we need to be? If young people are not aware of photoshopping and filters, what might they believe about how their bodies should look?


TASK – Take a look at the attached document. It includes quotes from a real-life professional photographer and many examples of how images can be altered. Answer the following in your books:

  1. How do these images make you feel?
  2. Why do you think people feel the need to photoshop/filter their pictures?
  3. If young people are not aware of photoshopping and filters, how might they begin to feel about their appearance?
  4. There have been talks amongst MPs about changing the law around photoshopping, discussing whether edited pictures should display a warning or disclaimer. Do you think this is a good idea? Why?

Snow activities


Go outside and enjoy your afternoon in the snow! See a list of possible activities you could do:


- Build an igloo!

- Snowball fight

- Played noughts and crosses in the snow

- Obviously build a snow man

- create art in the snow


Send any activities you complete through - I'd love to see them.

Reading for Pleasure


Finally, lets sign off the day with 20 minutes of reading your school reader or a book that you are enjoying. Send a photo of your signed reading record through to me. You can obviously also use Bug Club as well now. Details of how to login are on the main class page.


Well done for today everyone! See you bright and early at 8:40am on Google Meets! And don't forget to send all of your work through to me on Dojo, email or Google Classroom.