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Monday 25th January 2021

Todays Timetable 

9.00 - 9.30 9:30- 9.55 9.55 - 10.55 10.55 - 11.10 11.10 - 11.35 11.35 - 12.25 12.25 - 1.25 1.25 - 2.45
RWI Reading  RWI Maths Break Times Tables Practise English Lunch Design and Build a Snowman


Good Morning!

We hope you have had a great weekend and enjoyed the snow. We can’t believe we are starting our forth week of remote learning. You have all coped and done so well. We are super proud of you all.


Due to the snow our activities and times table are going to be slightly different today. We will still be going online at 9.55 for Maths and 11.35 for English. We would like you to make the most out of the snow outside.


9.00– 9.30

RWI Reading

We are going to start the day with our RWI reading. We would like you to compete the activity in the table below. Make sure you use the correct colour book which we text out yesterday. Click on the book title to take you to the book on Oxford Owls.




Read the story green words and read words for this story. Read this story with the aim of Fred Talking new words to be accurate. Please leave the questions at the end of the story for today please.


A hungry fox

Read the vocabulary check on page 7. Read the book but please do not answer the questions at the end. 


Save the whale

Read the speed sounds in this book as well as the green and red story words and don’t forget the vocabulary check. Once you have done this please read the book. Leave the questions at the end of the book for today please.


The ice and snow book

Read the speed sounds on pages 4 and 5 then turn to page 6 for the story green words and the vocabulary check on page 7, don’t forget to read those red words on page 8 too. Once you have done this please read the story. Leave the questions at the end of the book for today please.




Your first task for today is to complete the RWI lesson for Set 3 sound ‘ire’. Click on the link below and select Set 3 sound ‘ire’ lesson.

Make sure you click on Set 3 sounds on the playlists and then on Set 3 speed sounds with Rosie. When you have finished watching the Set 3 sound video please feel free to watch the Set 3 spelling video too.




Today in Maths we are going to continue looking at time. You will need your yellow Maths book. On our class page on the website there is a worksheet to complete. If you can’t print it off do not worry you can complete it in your yellow Maths book.

Today we are going to look at 5 minute intervals to half past. Telling the time to half past we have to use the words past. When the minute hand is anywhere on the clock between 12 and 6 this is past the hour.

When we are looking at 5 minute intervals it is important for us to know our 5 times table. Every number is 5 minutes.

There are 12 numbers around the clock face, and each interval is 5 minutes, so there are 12 × 5 = 60 minutes in an hour.


So we are going to be concentrating on past the hour,

1 = 5 past

2= 10 past

3 = 15 minutes past or we know it as quarter past as it ¼ of an hour.

4 = 20 past

5 = 25 past

6 = 30 minutes past or we know this as half past as it is ½ of an hour.


The small hand on the clock counts the hours and is called the hour hand.

The big hand on the clock counts the minutes and is called the minute hand.

We are going to look now at the minutes past the hour.


If the hour hand (small hand) is in between the 12 and 1 on the clock this shows us it is 12o’clock.

Now if the minute hand is on the 6 this will tell us that it is 30 minutes past as each number is a 5 minute interval.

6 x 5 = 30


30 minutes past is also known as half past as it is half way through the hour.


Let’s look at another example. If the hour hand (small hand) is pointing on or just after the 2 but before the 3 and the minute hand (large hand) is pointing to the one.

1 x 5 = 5 so it is 5 past.

This shows it is 5 past 2.


Now we would like you to have a go at the time questions on the class page. If you finish these before Maths is over please go on to Mathletics and practise 5 minute intervals to half past.


10.55 – 11.10



11.10 – 11.35

Times table Practise

Today we would like you to go to the link below and play ‘Hit the Button’. Remember to concentrate on your 2, 5 and 10 times tables and that you are confident before moving on to any of the other one.


11.35 – 12.25


In English today we would like you to get your comprehension book out and complete page 8. We will be looking and completing page 7 on our Google Classroom session.  

Remember in class we read the text twice before looking at the questions. Once you have read the text twice move on to the questions and highlight or underline the answers in the text.

When you write your answers try to write in full sentences and use capital letters and full stops.


12.25 – 1.25



1.25 – 2.45

Design a snowman

As we are having a snow day today what better activity to do than design and build your own snowman.

We have attached a template, but feel free to use your own, on our class page.

We would like you to design your own snowman including the shape, hat, nose, arms, eyes and button. We want you to label what you are going to use for each part.

Once you have designed and labelled your snowman you can go outside and build him. If you can’t get outside maybe you could make him out of cotton wool and a toilet roll tube or draw and paint him on card. Be as creative as you like. I have posted some ides on our class page in the resource section.

Here is a picture of my snowman I built yesterday.

Have fun J  We can’t wait to see your snowmen!


All resources can be found on our class page:


If you require any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on the Class Dojo page or on our school Facebook page. 


Remember there are Dojo points up for grabs for every picture we see of completed work. If you get 4000 points as a class we will have a surprise when we return back to school.


Have a great day and stay safe.

Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Joesbury