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Monday 23rd November

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1:00 – 1:20


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Mr Gilbey reads…



09.00 – 10.00


Key Stage Two Maths Year 3 Targeted Question Book – pages 16 and 17.

Solving Number Problems

Zoom call at 9am for the first 15 minutes (log in details the same as last week).

In today’s Maths lesson you will be using your skills we practised last week to solve number problems. I have raised the difficulty now though by hiding the Maths in word problems. That means you will need to read the question and think about whether you should add or take away.

The best tip I have for this is to read the question carefully and ask yourself if you think the answer would be getting bigger or smaller. If the number would be getting bigger you need to add, or if the number would be getting smaller you need to subtract.

Let’s look at an example.


Mrs Potts reads 12 pages for the Year 3 reading challenge in the morning and then 32 pages at night. How many pages has she read in total?


After reading the question twice (just to be sure) I know the answer is going to be bigger because we are talking about both the morning and night time reading in total. Therefore we need to use addition.

You will also be asked to compare numbers in this challenge, so don’t forget what number Carlos eats!

Give pages 16 and 17 a go and see how you get on.



10.15 – 11.15


I know how much everyone is loving learning Spanish this year so let’s combine this with our other favourite thing… Christmas.

I thought it would be nice if we tried to learn a Christmas song in Spanish, and whilst we can’t sing in class, you can sing away at home (sorry adults).

Therefore please see the below link to “Silent Night” but sung in Spanish.


"SILENT NIGHT" in Spanish

Or if you put these key words into You Tube you should find it…

SILENT NIGHT in Spanish (sing along)


It is sung to the same tune as the English version so you should be familiar with the song, you will just need to learn the lyrics which are displayed on the screen Karaoke style.

I know it’s still November… but only just!




11.15 – 12.15


Talk for Writing – The Truth About Trolls

Zoom call at 11.15am for the first 15 minutes (log in details the same as last week).

We are going to continue with our Truth About Trolls booklet today.


As we have had the weekend off, I want you to start this lesson by re-reading the piece about Trolls on pages 3, 4 and 5.


Then please attempt the Grammar games on pages 8 and 9. Here you will use adjectives (describing words) to make your writing even better. If you use two adjectives to describe a troll’s feature that’s even better!


For example, which sentence do you enjoy reading the most...

  1. The boy walked towards the monster.
  2. The young, scared boy walked towards the angry monster.


The only difference between the two is I have used adjectives in the second sentence to describe the boy and the monster, but do you see how much better it is! Now it’s your go!


By completing this work you should have an even better image of what your troll likes like so please attempt to draw it again for me, labelling the different features.



1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

Let’s continue our journey to Lapland, so settle down, get comfortable and spend these 20 minutes reading quietly. Remember to keep count of the number of pages you have read and tell me this number on our 2.20pm Zoom call so we can add them to the class total.



1.20pm – 2.20pm

Maths fluency – 3D shapes

Today’s fluency lesson is all about shape.

We haven’t looked at shape in Year 3 yet so this will be a quick recap.

Looking around you home, you will see lots of different shapes.

Please draws these shape and tell me how many faces it has and how many vertices it has.

  • A face on a 3D shape is each of the flat or curved surfaces on the shape. For example a cube has 6 faces but a sphere (a ball) is counted as just one.
  • Remember “vertice” is a posh word for corners.


How many different shapes can you find?

And a prize for the person who can find the shape with the MOST vertices (corners!).


If you have more time after completing this, why not go onto Hit The Button, select either the 2, 5 or 10 times tables and see how high a score you can get! We got some amazing scores on Friday but remember, you are only competing against yourself so the challenge is can you beat your best score?


2.20pm – 2.40pm

Mr Gilbey reads…

Our first chance of the week to join Charlie’s tour of Mr Wonka’s chocolate factory. What will happen in the Television-Chocolate room? Join us to find out.

And of course, we will also find out from Mrs Potts where we are up to on our journey to Lapland in our Reading Challenge.