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Monday 23rd March 2020

Good Morning!


Today we would like you to complete pages 1 and 2 of the Maths Workout (CGP Books).


These pages are looking at counting, number and place value. We would like you to spell the numbers in words, write the numbers in digits, read the numbers out loud and order the numbers. There are some partitioning questions in some of the books (splitting the numbers in to tens and ones for example 46 would become 40 tens and 6 ones) and some involving writing the largest number using the digits given (2, 5 would become 52). Other books will involve counting on in 4s, 8s, 50s and 100s and touch counting. 


In your Comprehension (CGP books) we would like you to use book 1 and complete pages of 2 and 3. In class we ask the children to read the text twice before looking at the questions. Once the text has been read twice we then move on to the questions. We ask the children to find the answer in the text underline/ highlight it and then write their answer in a sentence. Some books will have 2 texts to read and questions on both to answer. Other books will include pictures and an instruction to follow. The key information, such as the amount and animal, can be underlined before starting the task.


Please could you try and read for 5 to 10 minutes today and share what is happening in the story with someone in your family. 


If you require any help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on the Class Dojo page or on our school Facebook page. 


Remember there are Dojo points up for grabs for every picture we see of completed work. If you get 400 points as a class we will have a surprise when we return back to school.


Have a great day and stay safe.


Mrs Etheridge and Mrs Joesbury