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Monday 22nd June

Good morning Year 2!

A few things before we start for the day:

  • Tomorrow, Mrs Oakley and Mrs Price will be visiting to deliver you some new activity books! We will be aiming to do most of the visits in the morning, but some of you (it is likely to be those who live a little further away from school) may be in the afternoon. We are so excited to see you all!
  • This week's zoom lessons will take place at the following times: Wednesday 9am, and Friday 12pm. Details will be sent out on Class Dojo and the school text service.
  • This week is National Schools Sports week! We will be participating in challenges and I will be giving out points for the children in their houses for PE activities - if grown ups would like to join in they are most welcome!
  • Remember, you do not need to print anything off, or rewrite the pages for the activities - just have your child write their answers down. 


Read up to the end of Page 26 of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Answer the following questions.

1. What word is used to describe the way Mr McGregor turns over the           flower-pots?

2. Why do you think he turns over the pots in this way?

3. 'Presently Peter sneezed.' Can you think of a word or phrase that could replace the word 'presently' in this sentence, keeping the meaning the same?

4. Why has the author included the word 'kertyshoo'?

5. Can you think of another way of saying 'upsetting three plants'?

6. What does the author mean when she says that Peter 'had not the least idea which way to go'?

7. How does the description of Peter on page 24 make you feel?

8. Can you write a sentence using the word 'wander'?

9. Why do you think the author uses the word 'lippity' twice?

10. What do you think the word 'lippity' means?

11. Give two reasons why Peter could not go through the door.

12. Why did the mouse shake her head at Peter?

13. What are the main feelings that Peter experiences during this section of the book? Which words and phrases tell you this?

Maths is Mathletics time!


In today's lesson we will be looking into the differences between life in the UK and life in Kenya.

Using these activities, create a timeline for the day of a child in Kenya and a child in the UK.

Think about how you would feel living a day in Evangeline's life.


Before we start, we need to think about the things we are valuing in sports. Read the 'Rainbow Games Values' which we will be honouring through our activities!



Our first game is...


Don't forget to send me how many jumps it takes you to jump four times your height!