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Monday 20th April 2020

Monday 20th April 2020


Hi everyone,

Welcome back.  I hope you all had a superb Easter break, had chance to rest, eat lots of chocolate and enjoy the sunshine.  Because we are not in school, I have not received notification of the results of your applications for Reception places but I hope everyone had the result they wanted, if not I know there is an appeals process that you can go through.

I have got some more home learning ideas for you to take part in – I hope you enjoy them.

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Kind Regards,

Mr Leese


Activity Suggestions for Today


Phonics and Literacy


Revise all sounds learned so far by singing / watching the ‘Ants on my Arm’ song – link below.

Ruth Miskin is delivering a speed sounds lesson on her Youtube channel at 9.30am. 

View Alphablocks Series 1 episode 11 – again the link is lower down the page.  Children revise the ‘r’ sound and there are sounds to blend together to read words. 

Continuing from before Easter, children could try to write the letter 'e'.  There is a formation video lower down the page.   The letter ‘e’ is one that many children find tricky so please do not be too concerned if your child struggles with it (many do) – there is plenty of time to learn it.   Remember the tips about sitting correctly on a chair.  Some children may need you to write the letter quite big that they can trace over before having a go at writing them independently.  For some children they are not yet at the stage where they will be able to write the letters independently but try to encourage them as much as possible. 

I have included a link ‘Fred Games’ .  There are four games mentioned on this link – perhaps you could try a different one this week and then repeat your child’s favourite one on Friday.

Can children write their first name?  Some children in Nursery can already write their first name.  If this is the case can they begin to write their last name.  I would love to see photos of written names so that I can post them on the Nursery page and award dojo points. 



Revise counting to 20 with the marching song – link below.

Play a game using a dice. Roll the dice and encourage your child to count the number of dots on the dice.  If your child is confident with this, extend their skills by seeing if they can recognise the number of dots without actually having to count them.  This skill is knows as ‘subitizing’ and is am important skill which is developed in the Reception year. 


Arts, Crafts and Understanding of the World

There are lots of insects at the moment.  Perhaps you could go on a bug hunt in your garden to outside.  Remember to social distancing rules though.  Perhaps you could draw your favourite insect that you find. 


Physical Development

The PE lessons by Joe Wicks can be accessed on You Tube.  I tried one  and realised how unfit I was. 

For a slightly gentler activity try Cosmic Yoga.  I have included the link below.  Reception children regularly do Cosmic Yoga and really enjoy it so I hope your children will too.  The link I have included is for a Frozen themed session. 

Story Time

Watch the story of the Gingerbread Man (link below) and then talk about the questions below.  I will post the answers to the questions tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy it.


1) What is a ‘baker’?

2) What did the Gingerbread Man do as soon as the baker opened the oven door?

3) What did the Gingerbread Man keep singing?

4) What animal did the Gingerbread Man meet first?

5) Why did the Gingerbread Man stop running?

6) The story described the fox as ’sly’.  What does ‘sly’ mean?

7) Was the fox kind?

8) Can you think of any other ways to get across a river? 

Jolly Phonics

children good

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