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Maths 8.11.20

Find a missing part in a number sentence by using the whole part model.




Today we will be learning about nouns in class. Nouns are words for people, places and objects.

Follow this link to BBC Bitesize to learn more.

Can you find five nouns from around your home? Write them down using your sounds. Remember: If you have found a proper noun, it will need a capital letter!



Today we will re-read the story, this time challenge yourself to read without needing to Fred Talk. Can you add some expression to the way you read? Once you have read the story, see if you can answer the questions about the story from the back pages.



We are continuing to learn about the seasons.

Learn more by following the slides below. Once you have talked about the pictures and the information, answer the following question: Which season is your favourite? List 5 reasons.

Let me know how you get on today through ClassDojo! smiley