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Monday 18th January

Today’s time table






























Word puzzle



Up level sentences

English Story writing






Mr Gilbey reads…


Google Classroom call @ 09.25



Google Classroom call @ 11.05




Google Classroom call @ 2.20


09.00 – 09.25

Word puzzle

Today, let’s have another go at the letters puzzle we tried on Friday.

Using only the letters below, how many words can you make?



Two rules…

  1. Each letter can only be used once for every word.
  2. You can only count words with three or more letters.


MY TOP TIP… Pick a letter and try to create as many words as possible that start with that letter. Then, pick another letter to start your words with.


Give it a go and bring your list of words with you to the 9.25 video call.




09.25 – 10.15

Maths – Calculating Perimeters

Google Classroom video call at 09.25am for the first 15 minutes.


This week we are going to look at shape, and specifically how to calculate the area and perimeter of a 2D shape.

Today we will look at perimeter…


The perimeter is the length of the outline of a shape.

To find the perimeter of a rectangle or square you add the lengths of all the sides.


For example…



The perimeter of this shape would be 5 + 3 + 5 + 3 = 16cm



What would the perimeter of this shape be?



Again, you would add the lengths of the sides to find the perimeter.

So you would do 6 + 4 + 6 + 4 = 20cm.


Attached are more shapes for you to calculate the perimeter of. Good luck.

10.40 – 11.05

English – up levelling sentences.

In anticipation of starting our story writing at 11.05 I want you to up level the below sentences like we practised last week. Remember I would love to read two adjectives to describe every noun, and when the sentence has a verb, why not add an adverb to describe how the action is being done.

Once example to start you off…



Sentences to up level…

  1. The penguin slid across the ice.
  2. The bird was chirping in the morning.
  3. The lion roared in the forest.
  4. The parrot had multi-coloured feathers.
  5. The shark chased the fish through the water.




11.05 – 12.00

English – Writing our fiction story.

Google Classroom video call at 11.05am for the first 15 minutes.


We have planned our main character.

We have planned our setting.

We have planned the dilemma our main character will face and how they will solve it.


That leaves only one thing… to write our story!


Please look at the story mountain below.

As you can see, each story has five parts.


I appreciate some of you may be keen to write the whole story, however if you rush it, the story will not have the kind of detail it should have.


Therefore today we are going to write the first two parts… the opening and the build-up.

This means we need to introduce our main character and describe the setting, both in as much detail as possible. This is where you use the skills practised last week about using two adjectives to describe very noun.


Who is your main character? What do they look like? What are they like?

Where do they live? What would you see, smell, hear and taste if you were there?


You have already planned all this detail so all you have to do today is put all this detail into full sentences with lots of detail.






1.00pm – 1.20pm

Quiet Reading Time

I appreciate we have not been able to change your reading books for a couple of weeks.

Therefore this week please use the below Oxford Owl instructions to read something new.


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the My Class Login at the top of the page.
  3. Enter these details…

My class name                  agilbey

My class password             Password1

  1. You then select My eBooks
  2. Next select an appropriate age range from the top left.
  3. And choose your book to read!

If you have not got access to the internet or a device during this time, please read your book or a magazine, or anything you can.

ALSO watch this space as we have a new way of reading coming alter this week! 



1.20pm – 2.20pm



In our first couple of days of home learning we started a new topic in Science about ‘Healthy Eating’. Well today we are going to revisit this and use this knowledge to design a healthy meal.

There are four main food groups…


Have a look at the attached triangle and put the correct food groups in each section of the triangle.

If you are a little unsure about what goes where, why not write in the ones you do know and then have a look at the above table and see if that helps.

Should you not have access to a printer, you can create your own triangle and write foods in where necessary.



After doing this, why not design a ‘healthy’ three course meal.

In order for it to be healthy, it needs some foods from each of the four categories.

Using this knowledge why not plan a starter, main course and desert that you would love to eat and contains something from each of the four food groups.



2.20pm – 2.35pm

Mr Gilbey reads The World’s Worst Teacher…



Join us at 2.20pm today to hear about the next World’s Worst Teacher.

Can they be able worse than Mr and Mrs Lovey-Dovey or Miss Spick and her Trike of Terror?

Dial in to find out!