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Monday 15th June

Good morning Year 2!

I know a few people have been unable to attend our Zoom lessons so far. To allow more people to join in, we are going to try some different times. This week's Zoom calls will be:

  • Monday 1pm - Maths
  • Wednesday 9am - English
  • Friday 1pm - Games, puzzles and stories.

Please let me know how these work for you.

I'm also adding work for today onto one page rather than a page per subject. Let me know if this is easier or more difficult to work with for you and your little ones!



Read from the beginning of The Tale of Peter Rabbit to page 21 ( much water in it). Today's questions are about the section starting at page 12 (First he ate..) up to this point.

Remember, you do not need to to write out the questions - your child can read the questions from this page, and write down their answers.

  1. How do you think Peter is feeling when he first answers the garden? What makes you think that?
  2. What do you think caused Peter to feel 'rather sick'? 
  3. What do you think Mr McGregor's feelings are about Peter Rabbit being in his garden? How do you know this?
  4. Re-read Page 16. Would you say that Peter is focused and in control at this point in the story? Explain why you think this.
  5. How do you think Peter lost his shoes?
  6. What helped Peter to pick up speed?
  7. What word tells you that the author wanted Peter to get away from Mr McGregor?
  8. Do you think Peter would have been caught in the net if he wasn't wearing his jacket?
  9. Re-read Page 19. At this point in the story, does PEter think that he is going to escape from the garden and get home safely? What phrase tells you this?
  10. The sparrows 'implored him to exert himself'. What do you think this means?
  11. What words would you use to describe how it felt to be hiding in the can?

Challenge Question. Did Peter easily escape being captured under the sieve? Which words tell you this?


Safari - today we are learning all about the Maasai tribe from Kenya!

Match up the key words for the lesson with their meaning. If you need, you can use the internet or a dictionary to help.

Read through the information on the Lesson Presentation and then choose a craft idea to try - do not worry if you don't have the materials, improvise with what you do have!

Maasai Jumping Dance - Adumu

Maasai Life Through A Child's Eyes

8-year-old Naresiah takes you on a journey showing what life is like as a Maasai girl in Kenya.


In this lesson, Rujeko teaches how to use a clock to practice dance steps.