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Monday 15th June

Right, our Zoom lesson today will be the maths work. Login at 10am with your Maths CGP book and we’ll go through this together. Zoom login details will be sent on Class Dojo.


Maths – Complete pages 10 & 11 in you Maths CGP book. Answers are at the back of the book. We have looked at these terms before but if you are not sure, click on the word to find out more. Primes, Factors, Multiples.

If you want an extra challenge, feel free to pick an activity from the vast range on the nrich “Maths at Home” feature. Here is the link. For each activity, there is guidance, solutions and ways to make it easier/harder.


English – This week we are going to start looking at a different approach to writing. We are going to use an approach called Talk For Writing. Download the document from below and print it off (we are going to be using most of the document so feel free to print it all off at once). If you are struggling to print it off, please contact me and I can get someone at school to print it off for you to collect or you can complete the work on separate paper, looking at the text on a computer.

Read through the welcome pages and watch the stimulus video (link here). Read through the text and complete the “Interests, questions and Favourites” page.


Reading – 15 minutes of reading. Please send a photo of the reading or the reading record signed.


P.E. – Join in with The Body Coach on YouTube and complete Joe Wicks’ workout.