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Monday 13th July

Good morning Year 2!

Welcome to our last week in this online classroom.



Today we are going to refresh our memory about our 4 sentence types!


Statement - They will tell you some information.


  1. I am a teacher.
  2. The children in Year 2 are brilliant.
  3. We are looking forwards to the end of lockdown.

Command - These sentences give an order.


  1. Put that down.
  2. Stop.
  3. Look at page 8.

Question - These will ask something, and often require an answer.


  1. Where are you going?
  2. Who is your favourite character in The Tale of Peter Rabbit.
  3. Will you be joining in on Zoom?

Exclamation - these show strong feelings, and need to start with what or how.


  1. What a brilliant idea!
  2. How rude!
  3. What a beautiful day it is!


Please complete Page 8 in your book.


Watch the video below and complee pages 28 and 29 in your CGP activity book.


Today we are focusing on finding the difference between two numbers! Watch the video belowand then have a look at pages 23 and 24 in your CGP book!

Start the video from 8 minutes in - if you would like to watch the rest, feel free, but only the section from 8 minutes is about what we will be doing!


Read 'Winnie and Wilbur Stay at Home' on Oxford Owl.


In this lesson we are going to be making a terrarium. A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish. We will be making a simplified version of this terrarium, including items we may have readily available in our homes and gardens.