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Monday 11th January 2021

Hi,  I hope you have had a good weekend.  Thank you for sending in the pictures of the home learning you are doing - you are doing a fantastic job.  This week we will be looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs.    


Kind Regards,


Mr Leese

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the 'd' sound

Learn the sound 'd' with Geraldine. Can you find anything in your house beginning with 'd'?

Lowercase Alphabet Letter D Learn to Read and Write

Learn to read and write the lowercase letter D with this fun and engaging letter formation phonics video. Children can listen to the sound the letter D makes...

Try writing some letter 'd'.  You may find it easier to write the letter 'd' in the air first.  If we have any more snow or ice, you may even want to have a go at writing it in the snow.  

I have included a link for a sheet that may help. 

We will soon be ready to start blending some of the sounds that we have learned to read words.  

Writing 'd'


Explore numbers and counting.   Counting in everyday contexts is a great way to learn counting skills for example counting the socks as you sort them; counting the drinks in the fridge; the number of people walking past; the cushions on the sofa etc.  


For this activity you need a dice.  Roll the dice and count the number of dots that it lands on.  Could children then do an action to match that number for example if you roll a 6, clap 6 times or jump 6 times etc.



Story Time - The Three Little Pigs

Enjoy this story and then answer the questions below.

1) Why did mummy pig say the little pigs had to go and make their own houses? (they had got too big)

2) What did mum say the wolf would do if he caught the three little pigs? (eat them up)

3) Who did the three little pigs meet first? (a man with some straw)

4) What did the second little pig use to build his house? (sticks)

5) Which pig made his house from bricks? (the third / last pig)

6) Which house do you think was the best and why?


Maybe you could build a model of a house using some of your building blocks / lego / duplo.  Make sure it is strong enough to keep the wolf out!