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Today we are starting to look at area - can you remember what this means when we are looking at 2D shapes? 


Area is the space inside the 2D shape - to be able to find the area you will need to use your multiplication skills. Take a look at the video below and follow along whilst completing your questions.


Area Video

Once you've watched the video take a look at the worksheet below to answer the questions - don't worry if you can't print the sheets just pop your working out and the answers into your yellow maths book from previous lockdowns. 



During today's lesson we will be learning about the difference between area and perimeter. Yesterday we learnt that area is in the space inside a 2D shape and that when we write our answers we include the units of measurement followed by  and to find the area we must multiply the base by the height when finding the area of a rectange or square. 


Today we also need to recall what a perimeter is - this is the measurement around the outside of the shape. To find the perimeter we must add all the measurements around the sides of the shape. This time we don't need to use 2 in our answers. 


Take a look at the video below to learn a bit more about this topic. 


White Rose Maths Video


Now you've watched the video have a go at the worksheet attached below. 


During today's lesson you will be learning about how to find the area of a triangle. This time around you will be counting the squares on the image to help you find the area - remember area is the inside of the 2D shape you are using. 


For example:


If you were presented with this image, you would need to count the whole squares inside the triangle. So there are 6 full squares - however there are 4 half squares. Remember 2 halves make a whole so we have 2 more whole squares.

6 + 2 = 8.

Therefore the area of the triangle would be 8cm2.



Take a look at the video link below for more information on this. 


Area of a Triangle Video

Once you've watched the video click on the document below for your work for today.