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Monday: We continued our learning in Maths and looked at BIDMAS. This stands for Brackets, Indices (powers - the little numbers we see when we square or cube a number), Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. This is used to tell us what order we should carry out our calculations.


If you click on the link below this will take you to some White Rose Maths videos - find the one that is titled: Order of Operations - if you watch this it will explain BIDMAS a little bit more and help you understand what you need to do with it before you move on to the worksheet.


I've attached below the worksheet and the true/false question for you to have a think about too.

Tuesday: Today you will need to work a little bit more on BIDMAS to ensure you understand the order of operations and how they are carried out. 



Remember to carry out the calculations using this order. I've attached the worksheet for you to have a go at, any problems send me a message on Class Dojo. 

Wednesday: Today we move on to mental calculations - this is all about using what you already know to solve calculations. Try to spot the patterns in the calculations like we've done before. 

It might be something like: 26 + 34 = ? think about using your knowledge of number bonds to 10 and adding the rest of the tens together.


Remember this is titled mental calculations for a reason - try your best to work these questions out in your head. If you need to do jottings you can but try and make those connections between the numbers you see. 


Click on the link below and find the video titled: Mental Calculations - watch this before you have a go at the worksheet - this is attached below along with the true/false question.

Thursday: Today the children are focusing on reasoning with known number facts. This is all about making the connections between facts that you already know like 6 x 5 = 30 so 6 x 50 = 300 and 60 x 50 = 3000 just like 0.6 x 5 = 3.0. It's all about making sure you can spot what has changed and how the answer will change as a result of it. 


Take a look at the video titled: Reason from known facts and follow it along - I've attached the worksheet below along with the true/false question linked to today.

Friday: Today we are going to do some work on our Arithmetic skills - set yourself a 30 minute timer to have a go at the questions attached below. Once you have done this download the answer sheet and mark it. Spend some time on the questions you missed or didn't quite get the right answer and see if you can work out how you should've got to the answer given. Once you have done this send me a message about the ones you found particularly tricky and I can sort some work out to help you on these areas. 


Remember during your 30 minutes if you get stuck on anything - leave it and come back to it.