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You have been brilliant shape detectives this week! You have worked hard to find objects that roll and objects that stack in your own homes. Today we are going to begin to learn the names of some of our shapes. Remember guys there are two types of shapes that we have briefly discussed in class in the past. 2D shapes are flat shapes and 3D shapes are fat shapes. This week we have been using 3D shapes in our experiments so it is 3D shapes that we are going to begin to learn the names of today.



Your first task is to log into our Google Classroom page. On our page I have posted a video that I have recorded of me and Superdog learning all about 3D shapes. Superdog is an excellent shape hunter. Tune in and learn some of the 3D shape names with us too. 


Once you have watched our video, how about going on a shape hunt around your house. Can you find any spheres, cones, cylinders, cubes, cubiods or pyramids in your house? Please don't worry if you don't remember the names of the shapes straight away. 3D shapes have some long and tricky names. Again, the more we practise them over time, the more we will begin to remember them. 


You might like to listen to the song below (which is very catchy indeed) to help you to remember some of those 3D shape names too.

3D Shapes Song | Shapes for kids | The Singing Walrus

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If you cannot access Google Classroom for any reason or if you would prefer to talk through the shapes with an adult at home, I have uploaded a PowerPoint and PDF version of a 3D shape presentation from Twinkl for you too smiley.