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You did a super job yesterday of experimenting with objects to see which roll and which slide. Great work recognising that the objects that rolled had curved sides which is what made them roll! For today's maths task you will need your everyday objects again. You might like to collect the same objects as yesterday or you might like to use a different selection for today. You are going to continue to be super shape detectives and experiment with these objects today.


Below is an example of the objects I used for my experiment today. Look carefully at your shapes. Can you identify which objects roll? If the objects do not roll, can you stack them on top of one another like a tower? Objects that stack have flat surfaces. Which objects stack? Do any objects stack and roll? 



Using your objects, can you select the objects that stack to make a tower? Can you find some more objects that would stack in your house to make your tower taller?



Get thinking...


Which shape did you choose from the bottom of the stack/tower? 


Could you use an object that rolls for the base/bottom of your tower?


Would a small shape be a good choice for the bottom of your tower?


If you use an object that rolls to make your tower, where could you put it?