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We are going to continue with our sequence of Power Maths lessons this week to recap our positional language and begin to explore the properties of everyday shapes. Can you recall the positional language we were learning about last week? Look at the picture below from our Power Maths lesson for today. Can you describe where the football is to an adult at home? 



Where is the football? What is it on top of? What is it behind? What is in front of the football? What is below the football? Where is the cone?


Once you have described where the football is, take a look at the next photo below from Power Maths. It is a robot made from recycled materials. What objects can you see? Can you see any curved objects? Which shape is on top of the model robot? What shapes are at the bottom of the model?



Your next Power Maths activity is to create your own model from everyday objects such as cardboard tubes, cereal boxes etc. You might like to create a robot, house, animal or something else of your choice. Please note: one of your suggested activities in the topic session today is to draw or make a model car. If you would like to combine your Maths and Topic activity today to create a model car from everyday objects then please feel free to do so.