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We are going to continue to practise our positional language today by drawing our very own treasure map. Superdog has described an island to me where he said he has spotted a treasure chest hidden in a cave. If we can complete our map then when we get back to school and build our pirate ship in forest schools, we can use our maps to set sail and find the treasure! Let's go team! 


Log onto our Google Classroom page to watch a video of me describing the treasure island to you. Before you log on, please draw yourself an island on a piece of paper like the one seen in my picture below.



I will read out the instructions that Superdog has given me and together we will draw our maps. Please feel free to pause the video at any point to complete any parts of your drawing. If you would prefer to draw your map without the video instructions, I have posted the written instructions below. There is also a link to picture of my completed map at the bottom of the page too. No peeking though! This is only there to have a look at at the end of the video/instructions to see if yours looks like mine before we set sail! Have fun yes.



  1. Draw 3 trees in the middle of your island.
  2. To the left of the palm trees draw some quicksand (I used yellow and red squiggles to draw quicksand).
  3. Above the quicksand draw a volcano!
  4. To the right of the volcano draw a shipwreck. This is a ship that has crashed onto the island.
  5. Underneath the palm trees draw a cave.
  6. Inside the cave draw a treasure chest.
  7. Next to the cave draw 4 mountains. On top of the mountains there is snow.