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As today is ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ and we are continuing to take a day away from the screen to enjoy alternative activities, I have suggested several games and activities below from Twinkl that you might like to play to practise using your positional language.


  • Play a twist on the game ‘I Spy’ but instead of guessing the word beginning with a certain letter, give clues as to the object’s position, e.g. “I spy with my little eye, something behind the sofa”, “next to the TV” or “on top of the fireplace”.



  • Ask an adult to hide a toy in your house. Ask questions to find out where it is, starting with the room it is in and then more specific questions, e.g. “Is it underneath something?” or “Is it behind something?” Then, you could hide the toy and they can ask the questions to find it!



  • Go on a walk and play a positions game with a grown-up. Ask them to spot an object and you have to guess what it is. Ask them to give you clues to identify the object, e.g. “It is behind the fence.” or “It is in front of the shop.” What have they seen?



If you would like to continue practising work on positional language, turn to pages 35 and 36 of your maths workbook to put what you have learnt the past few days into practise and answer some position questions.