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Great work yesterday, I heard you’ve been using lots of positional language correctly, well done! Today we are going to learn the language ‘left’ and ‘right’. Hold your hands out in front of you, just like in the picture below from Twinkl. Can you see the sound ‘L’ that your hand makes? This is your left hand (‘L’ for left). Your other hand is your right hand. Which hand do you hold your pencil in?



Ask an adult nicely to draw around your left hand and your right hand. Can you cut these out using your scissors? Write the sounds ‘L’ and ‘R’ or the words ‘left’ and ‘right’ on the correct hand. You might like to do the same with your feet too (see the pictures above). Alternatively, you might want to use paint to print your left and right hands and feet. Now you know your left and right, get the adults in your house up and dancing to the ‘Hokey Cokey’! Have fun!


If you go for a walk or to play outside today, when you put your shoes on, can you tell an adult which is the left shoe and which is the right shoe.


If you would like to keep practising your left and right, take a look at the questions and pictures in the document below.