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We love songs at school and they are a great way to help us learn! Below is a link to a song we used to sing a lot when I taught in Year 1 and we practised our number bonds to 10. They loved it! I hope you do too smiley. There are two versions to choose from. The first one you can see below with the children in is how we will act out the song when we go back to school. The sheep masks are at the ready yes. The second is an animation, so take your pick and sing along!

Farmer Pete HD CMP

Farmer Pete song with animation by Sunshine Class (pupils aged 5 years)

We made our own animation for the Farmer Pete number bonds for 10 song.

Once you have had a listen to the songs (apologies in advance adults for getting the tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day), and if you are up for some more number fun, take your pick of the games we played on Monday. Grab your skittles, get your paper balls and basket at the ready or thread some beads (or other items) onto string and see if you can make 10 in various ways. 


If you fancy a different way of making 10 then how about trying out this new interactive ten frame. A couple of weeks ago you all made your own ten frames when we worked on counting with numbers up to 10. The ten frame is a great way to see which pairs of numbers make 10 visually. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to take you there. Take a look at the photo below. If you click on the frames at the top of the page when you get onto the website, you can select a ten frame.



You can change the characters and colours at the top by clicking on the box in the top right hand corner. I have chosen blue monsters and orange monsters to use on my ten frame. You can then drag the monsters onto the frame either 1 at a time, in 5's or 10's.



We know that our ten frames have ten boxes so if we fill our ten frame we will always have 10. I have put 5 orange monsters and 5 blue monsters onto my ten frame. So I know that 5 and 5 make 10. Can you find another way to make 10?