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Well done for all your fantastic maths work yesterday! It was lovely to hear how much fun you all had playing your maths games. If you wish to play the same game again, or try out a different one, then please feel free to hop back onto yesterday's page to do so. 


I have another task for you today that I hope you will enjoy. It might seem like we are doing a lot of number bond activities recently but the more we practise finding pairs of numbers to 10, in many different ways, the more those number bonds will begin to stick in our minds. Number bond knowledge is so important as we progress through school and to support our mental maths skills!


One of the easiest resources we can use to help us find our number bonds to 10 is our fingers. Count your fingers, we have 10. If I put 5 fingers down, I have 5 left up and I know that I have 10 altogether, therefore I know that 5 and 5 makes 10. 



Today you will need two pieces of paper, your scissors and glue from your home learning pack, a pen or pencil and any colours you might like to use to decorate your work. Your first task is to draw around both of your hands, you might like to ask an adult nicely if they will do this for you while you hold both your hands very still. Next, cut out the hand shapes, a great chance to practise your scissor skills here too! Put glue on the palm of the hands only and stick them to another piece of paper or card, leaving the fingers free. Now you can use the fingers to fold down amounts and make your number bonds to 10. Take a look at the picture below for an example of this and ways in which you might choose to record those number bonds.



In the video below, the first couple of minutes provides you with a demonstration of this number bond activity. There are further ideas on the video for number bond activities should you wish to continue watching, however, we have already covered most of these in similar ways over the past few weeks. 

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