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Hopefully, if it all worked, you should have been sent a new School Jam activity yesterday. To round off your week of working hard on the part-whole model, why not log onto School Jam and play your new game. The game involves combining two groups to find how many you have got altogether, as we have been practising all week. This game will also help with subitising amounts. 


I had a go at completing the game myself as you can see below. One part had 4 red buttons. The other part had 4 yellow buttons. I needed to find the box that combined these two groups to make the bridge balance. I needed to look for a box that had 4 red buttons and 4 yellow buttons.



Once I had found my answer, I dragged it over to the other side of the bridge. My answer was correct and the bridge was able to balance. Can you have a go on your School Jam app at making the bridge balance?



If any of you are having problems at getting onto the School Jam app, or would rather work practically instead today, take a look at the questions below and use your part-whole model to find the answers. Please remember, as always, you can represent the objects in each question with your own counting objects. For example, I might use raisins and grapes but you might use beads and paper clips.


  1. I have 4 strawberries and 2 blueberries. How many have I got altogether?
  2. I have 6 raisins and 1 grape. How many have I got altogether?
  3. I have 2 yellow beads and 3 red beads. How many have I got altogether?
  4. I have 7 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers. How many have I got altogether?
  5. I have 1 pineapple and 9 pears. How many have I got altogether?