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You have blown me away with how well you've picked up using the part-whole model to find how many altogether this week. I have a few more questions for you to work out and think about today. 


Firstly, let's take a look at the question below from our Power Maths books. There are some red flowers and some yellow flowers. How many flowers are there altogether? Can you use your part-whole model at home to help you work the answer out?



Astrid has been practising using the part-whole model too. She has said she can see how many there are without counting. You have all been brilliant at subitising recently. Can you subitise the amounts in each part? How many flowers are there altogether this time?



Flo has spotted that the part-whole model has spun around, like ours did yesterday. Can you still spot where the whole is? Where are the two parts? Can you help Flo work out how many butterflies there are altogether?



Challenge: The picture below shows us bumble bees in the two parts and the whole. But which part is the whole? Look at the amounts in each circle. Does that help you to work out which circle represents the whole?