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It was brilliant to hear yesterday how well you all did with your subitising! I am very impressed. If you want to continue your subitising today by playing dice games at home please feel free to do so. The best way to subitise is through games or just day to day activities. 


If you would like to have a go at an interactive game to practise your subitising, why not try out the game ladybird spots. The link at the bottom of this page will take you to the game on the Topmarks website. Click on the blue box that says 'Counting' and then select '1 to 5'. Although this is a counting game we are going to use it to subitise. 



Your challenge is to look at the number of ladybird spots and try to recognise how many there are without counting them. I looked at the ladybird below and straight away could see 5 spots so I clicked on the answer '5'. How quickly can you recognise each amount? Have fun!


A new School Jam game is also being released today on your apps. It is a game related to the work covered during the first half of the week. It involves comparing two set of objects to see which has more and which has fewer. Log on and have a go at seeing if you can remember what we learnt at the start of the week.