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You have done so well recognising more/fewer so far this week. We are going to move on today to begin to look at how to...




Subitising is the ability to look at a small number of objects and instantly recognise how many objects there are without needing to count. As students begin to recognise sets without having to count each object, it develops number sense and in turn helps with mental maths. For example, if I can subitise, I can look at the picture below and instantly recognise there are 3 balls without having to count them one by one. 



We are going to start with a subitising game. In the subitising song below, your task is to name the numbers in each set of dots, ten frames and fingers before the answer appears on screen. 

Subitize Up to 5 (soo-bi-tize) | Math Song For Kids | Jack Hartmann

Subitize is the ability to tell the number of objects in a set, quickly, without counting. In this subitizing song name the numbers in each set of dots, te...

Below I have uploaded a document from Twinkl which explains subitising further and offers some great practical ideas for subitising around the home. 


At school, the children love to use the big foam dice to roll and read the number. Board games or any games involving dice are a fantastic way to have fun and learn to subitise at the same time. If you have a dice game at home, why not play the game today and see if you can recognise the number shown by the dots without having to count them! 


I can't wait to hear how you get on. Have fun!

Twinkl - Subitising Guide for Parents