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Our focus this week in maths is identifying 'more' or 'fewer'/'less' when comparing two sets of objects. 


I know lots of you were having fun in the snow yesterday and I do not blame you, it was lots of fun! If you didn't get chance you complete the maths activity yesterday for any reason though, please click the link below to take you to yesterday's math task to recap the more/fewer activity.

If you did get chance to complete the task yesterday, I saw your work and it was fantastic! It is lovely to hear that you are using and understanding the vocabulary of more/less, bigger/smaller, greater/fewer. 


For today's task, you can continue practising identify groups that contain more and groups that contain fewer practically, or alternatively, if you click on the link below it will take you to a Twinkl document whereby you can begin to identify more/fewer pictorially.


Each picture has two leaves with ladybirds on. Count the ladybirds on each leaf and answer the question above. Which leaf has more ladybirds? Which leaf has fewer? There is no need to print this document, it can be done by looking at it on screen and discussing the answers. There are a lot of questions, please do not feel you need to complete all six pages. Just as many as each child would like to do until they feel confident with the concept of more/fewer. 

Twinkl - Comparing Numbers of Ladybirds Picture Cards