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Our number for today is…. 10


Your first job today is to make sure you can count 10 objects accurately. Place them on your ten frame. How many boxes are left empty?


New School Jam activities will appear on your app today. There are 3 activities all about numbers to 10. There is a short parent video that discusses the importance of the number 10, a video for a suggested counting activity/game you can play together and a game to play on the app. Take a look at these activities and practise counting to 10 in several ways.


Challenge: I am so impressed with how many children are taking on the maths challenge each day! Super work! Your challenge today is to see how many ways you can make 10. You might like to make paper chains, use counting objects on your ten frame or try out a new method of investigating 10. Below you can see how I have been investigating how to make 10. All you need is coat hanger and 10 pegs!



Start with all the pegs pushed to the right. With 0 pegs on the left and 10 on the right, we know 0 and 10 makes 10. Then move 1 peg to the left. With 1 peg on the left hand side, that leaves 9 on the right. So know we know 1 and 9 make 10 too. Keep investigating and see how many ways you can make 10. There are a lot today!



Please drop me a message if you have any queries about this.