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Our number for today is…. 9


Can you count out your 9 objects accurately? Can you place them on your ten frame? How many boxes are empty when you have 9 objects on your frame?


Challenge: investigating ways of making make 9. You have been absolutely brilliant at finding ways to make 7 and 8 the past few days. Use the skills you have learnt previously to find different ways to make 9 today.


Alternatively, if you would like a change, how about making paper chain number bonds to 9? For this you will need two different colours of paper (don’t worry if you don’t have coloured paper at home, you can always take two plain sheets and colour them in in colours of your choice. See my example below if you would like a go at this activity.


Firstly, I cut the paper into strips.



I then investigated different ways to make 9.



I found that 5 and 4 make 9. I made my chain using 5 blue rings and 4 yellow rings.



How many ways can you find to make 9?