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Continue with that fantastic counting by completing pages 3 and 4 of your maths workbook. If you need some support with question 1 on page 3, don't forget you have your number cards at home to help you. Lay them out in your number line to see which numbers come next in the sequence.


As another counting activity, ask an adult to draw a circle in the middle of a piece of paper. Can they write a number between 1 and 10 in it. Now can you add that number of petals to the circle to make a flower. You might use paint, felt tips, crayons to draw your petals or maybe you would rather use sweets, pasta shapes, playdough or beads to do so. Choose another number and do the same to another circle on your page. Fill up your page with colourful flowers, each with different amounts of petals.



Which flower has the most petals on your picture? Which flower has the least amount of petals?