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Fantastic work recapping our 'qu' sound yesterday team. Join the Alphablocks to sing a song today as they practise saying our sound for today and words containing...


Alphablocks Series 3 - Song


Can you read the words below that have our 'ng' sound in? Remember to spot the special friends, use your Fred talk and then blend it to read the word. 



Alternatively, you might prefer to log onto the Phonics Play website and play games to practise reading words with 'ng' in, or maybe you would like to log onto Bug Club or Oxford Owl and choose a good book to read. The choice is yours laugh.


Can you hold a sentence about one or both of the pictures below? I have written my sentences below each picture. You can either choose to hold the same sentence as me or come up with a sentence of your own. Remember to say your sentence out loud lots of times before you write it down, then pinch the sounds onto your fingers to help you to spell words in your sentence. 


Sing a song.


It is the King.