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You have been brilliant at learning all of your set 1 single letter and special friend sounds. This week we are going to recap a special friend sound each day. Remember, the more we see our sounds the more we remember them. 


Today we are going to see if we can remember our sound from Friday. We are going to practise reading and writing...



I know you all love the Alphablocks so how about joining them for a song to practise learning our 'qu' sound and reading words containing this sound.


Alphablocks QU - Quick


Can you remember how we write the 'qu' sound? Watch the video below to recap and then go and practise forming 'qu' in whichever way you choose. You might practise writing 'qu' in sand, glitter, gloop, sugar, foam, whatever you choose, have fun!

Handwriting - qu

Still image for this video


Click on the link below to take you to the Phonics Play Comic - 'Buzz'. This comic contains the key sounds 'y', 'z', 'zz' (which makes the same sound as 'z') and our sound for today 'qu'. 

Alternatively, you might prefer to log onto the Phonics Play website and play games to practise reading words with 'qu' in .


The Qu-Qu-Qu-Qu-Queen needs a new qu-qu-qu-qu-quilt for her bed. Can you help to make one for her? You might like to draw, paint or collage a new quilt for the Queen. Take a look at the examples below.




Once you have created the Queen's new quilt, can you write a sentence to tell her what the new quilt is like. Remember to tell your adult at home what your sentence will be before you write it down and don't forget to use your Fred Fingers to help you to spell words in your sentence. My sentence was...


A big quilt.


What is your quilt like? Is it a pink quilt? Is it a soft quilt? Is it a red and black quilt? Maybe it has spots?