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Our sound for today is… qu


We have reached our final set 1 special friends sound today! You have worked so hard on the special friends sounds we have learnt so far and we will continue to recap those over the coming weeks to help us to remember them really well and read words containing these sounds. Remember, a special friend sound is when two letters make one sound, just like our sound 'qu' does today. They are sometimes referred to as 'digraphs' too. 


I have recorded you a speed sounds lesson for our new sound again today. Log onto our Google Classroom page to watch the video and learn all about your new sound 'qu'.


Once you have learnt your new sound 'qu', you might like to go on a hunt around the house for things that have this sound in. Geraldine has had a look around her house for items containing the sound 'qu'. Take a look what she has found.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /qu/ sound

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As always, the video that I have uploaded to our classroom page includes the handwriting demonstration for our new sound 'qu' too. Take a look and then practise forming 'qu' in any way you choose.



We practised reading our word time words, and a few words with our new sound ‘qu’ in, on the video today. Now is your chance to do some independent reading and show your adults how good you are! Everyone prefers to read different materials, as we have discussed before, so take your pick from the list of options below or any other reading materials you have at home. Have fun!  


I do apologise, I have tried so many times to record your writing video for today and had several technical issues. You can hear my voice but not see me demonstrating how to hold a sentence so I will explain the task on here for you instead. 


I am soooo excited to go on our adventure to find the treasure! I have begun to pack a bag for the journey. Can you say that sentence lots of times to your adult....


Pack a bag.


Remember, to say the sentence lots of time before you write it down. When you write your sentence, make sure you use your Fred fingers to help you to spell words.


There are many items I need to put in my bag to take with me. The first thing I will do is pack a map so that we know where to find the treasure! Can you hold that sentence with your adult...


Pack a map.



Once you have held it by saying the sentence lots of times, have a go at writing it down on your paper! If you are up for a challenge, why not hold and write another sentence? What else are you going to put in your bag? 


Pack a ______.


If you find holding and writing a sentence a little tricky please do not worry. I could do with someone writing me a list of other things to pack. Could anyone write me a list by using their Fred fingers to spell words? I have started my list below, can you add any more items?


Things to pack: