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Our sound for today is… ch


We have been working hard to learn our set 1 special friends sounds recently and you are all trying so hard, well done! Please remember, we need to see our new sounds lots and lots of times before it begins to stick in our minds so please don't worry if you can't remember it straight away. A helpful tip might be to write your new sound for today 'ch' on pieces of paper or post it notes and stick it all around your house. Everytime you see it throughout the day, tell an adult at home what the sound says!


I have recorded you a speed sounds lesson for our new sound again today, just log onto our Google Classroom page to view it. The video involves practising our new sound 'ch', practising the sounds we know well, writing our sound, reading our word time words, reading a couple of words with our new sound ‘ch’ and then practising our spelling too. As always, please feel free to pause the video at any point to practise your handwriting and spellings. The Ruth Miskin videos on YouTube have gone back to the start of our set 1 sounds now. If ever you want to tune into one to recap a sound that's absolutely fine but to learn our new sound for today, please view the video on our Google Classroom page. 


Geraldine is still here to practise her sounds. So once you have learnt your new sound 'ch', you might like to go on a hunt around the house for things that have this sound in. Take a look what Geraldine has found.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ch/ sound

Get more activities, more resources and of course, more Geraldine, from Mr T's Phonics - here: We make le...


The video that I have uploaded to our classroom page includes the handwriting demonstration for our new sound 'ch' too. Take a look and then practise forming 'ch' in flour, salt, sugar, gloop, on paper with felt tips, wax crayons, glittery pens, however you choose! The most important thing is to have fun as you learn laughyes.


As I have said before, everyone prefers to read different materials. Some people might prefer to read our RWI ditty stories, some people like comics, some prefer books, some prefer reading words through games, there is no right or wrong way. So, take your pick from the list of options below or any other reading materials you have at home and have fun practising your reading today. Show an adult at home just how good you are!

Challenge: If anyone wants a challenge with their reading today, why not try reading the Phonics Play Comic 'I can spot'. This comic includes many words with the set 1 special friends sounds 'sh', 'ch', 'th' and 'ng' that we have been learning about recently. It is a challenging comic with slightly longer sentences but if anyone wants to give it a try then click on the link below.


On our Google Classroom page I have uploaded today’s writing video. Today I will read the short story of ‘Pop’ before we hold a sentence from the story. If you would like to read this story yourself, log onto the Oxford Owl website using our class details and click on the 'Free RWI eBooks'. Find the book titled 'Sun Hat Fun' and then turn to page 11 to find the ditty story of 'Pop'. 



If you find holding a sentence a little tricky at this point, please do not worry. If you would like to spell some words from our story instead then that would be fab too. Ask an adult nicely to read a word from the list below. Can you pinch the sounds onto your fingers and then write it down?