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Today is ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ and we are taking a day away from the screen to enjoy alternative activities, I know you all love the game of splat the sound so, as a way to recap and practise all of your set 1 sounds today, your first literacy task is to have fun playing this game. As a reminder…


For this game, you will need your set 1 speed sound cards and some splatters (these could be fly swatters, wooden spoons or just simply just your hands). Ask an adult to shout out a sound. Your task is to find that sound and splat it as quickly as you can. The first person to splat the sound wins the card. Once all the cards have been splatted, the person with the most cards is the winner. Let me know who wins! The picture below shows children playing this game with harder sounds but is just there to give you an idea of how to play.



Challenge: If you are super speedy at finding all of your sounds, ask an adult to write down the following words on cards. This time rather than telling you a sound, your adult will shout out a word for you to splat.













Can you write your first name without any help from an adult? Can you write your surname too? If you can do these easily and would like a challenge, how about you use your name in a sentence?


Draw, paint or collage a beautiful picture of yourself. Underneath, can you write…


“My name is…..”

“I am….”


An adult might have to help you to spell ‘my’ and ‘name’ but the words ‘is’ and ‘am’ you can pinch on your fingers and write yourself! Don’t forget what that tricky red word ‘I’ looks like too!