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Our sound for today is… th


I was so impressed by how well you began to learn your first set 1 special friends sound yesterday. Well done team! The sound 'th' has two letters that make one sound too!


Now I am back at school, I was able to record you a speed sounds lesson for our new sound for today. The video involves practising our new sound, practising the sounds we know well, writing our sound, reading our word time words and spelling with them too. Please feel free to pause the video at any point to practise your handwriting and spellings. You can either choose to log onto our Google Classroom page to watch the video I have recorded for you, or you might prefer to use the link below to continue learning your sounds with Ruth on the Ruth Miskin YouTube channel.  

Once you have learnt all about your new sound 'th' with either myself or Ruth, you might like to go on a hunt around the house for things that have this sound in. Geraldine has had a look around her house for items containing the sound 'th', why not have a look at what she has found. 

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /th/ sound

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The video that I have uploaded to our classroom page includes the handwriting demonstration for our new sound 'th' too. Take a look and then practise forming 'th' in foam, mud, glitter, salt, on paper or in any other way you choose laugh.


Again, on the video I have uploaded to Google Classroom, we had a go at reading our word time 1.1 words today. We will recap all of our word time words over the next few weeks before progressing on to read words containing 'th'.  


As I have already mentioned, you have all worked your socks off in what has been a very long, tiring and strange half term for us all. Below I have posted the link to the RWI ditties. If you would like to read our next ditty story (Ditty 4 - In the pan) then please feel free to do so. However, we have practised our sounds, some reading and spelling in the video on Google Classroom, so if you are worn out from all that hard work, then please don't worry about the ditty story for today.

If any of you would like to continue to practise your reading skills on Bug Club, Phonics Play, Oxford Owl or Phonics Play Comics, then please feel free to do so too. The main thing is, whatever you do, have fun and enjoy it! We all learn best when we are having fun .


Again, we have had a go at spelling together in our lesson on Google Classroom today. If you still have bundles of energy and would like to challenge yourself with a short sentence today then have a go at writing your own sentence about the picture below. I can't wait to see your super writing!