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Today is the official 'World Book Day'. At Moorcroft we will be celebrating this next Thursday by dressing up as our favourite book characters as well as taking part in many book related activities throughout the week. We can still mark the occasion today however, by taking part in activities at home. Below are a selection of ideas that you might like to choose from. Choose one, two, three or four of these ideas and enjoy the magic of stories. 


Reading Dens

Why not make a reading den and snuggle down with your favourite stories, teddies and snacks and spend some time reading!



Name that Story!

Time for a game. Take a look at the cards below from Twinkl. Ask an adult nicely to read a card to you. On the card is a description of a well known story. Can you guess which story it is? You might like to have a go at just one of these or maybe more. The choice is yours smiley.



Make a Bookmark

When we read our books and need to take a break, we can use a bookmark to place into our book to remind us of the page we finished on. How about creating your own bookmark today for World Book day. You might like to grab yourself a piece of card or paper and get creative with your own bookmark ideas, or you might prefer to use the template from Twinkl to print, cut and colour yourself a bookmark. 



Read a Book

As I have said before, everyone prefers to read different materials. Some people might prefer to read our RWI ditty stories, some people like comics, some prefer books, some prefer reading words through games, there is no right or wrong way. So, take your pick from the list of options below or any other reading materials you have at home and have fun practising your reading today. Show an adult at home just how good you are!