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Autumn Half Term

We made it! Well done to everyone in Year 1 for making a fantastic start to the year. Please enjoy your half term holiday and stay safe. Please take a look at some suggested activities to support our upcoming learning. 

Thank you for all of your support this half term.

Mr Lester, Mrs Jordan and Mrs Schofield.

Fruity Hide and Seek

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You will need ten grapes or ten other small pieces of fruit, such as orange segments or raisins. You will also need two plastic cups or bowls big enough to hide the fruit under, some small pieces of paper and a clean table.
Put the ten pieces of fruit on the table
All players count the pieces of fruit aloud: 1, 2, 3 and so on
Write the number of pieces of fruit (10) on a piece of paper and circle the number, saying “this is the whole”
Player 1 shuts their eyes. No peeking!
Player 2 splits the fruit into two parts and hides each part under a cup or bowl
Player 1 opens their eyes and chooses one of the cups
Player 2 lifts that cup to reveal the fruit hiding underneath
Player 1 say how many pieces of fruit are hiding under the other cup or bowl. For example, if they can see two grapes, eight must still be hiding
Lift the remaining cup to see if they were right
If they were right, they win a point
Players swap roles and repeat
Remember that one of the ‘parts’ can be zero grapes!
Win the game
The player with the most points after five turns each gets to eat all of the fruit – yum!
Take it further
Start with a different number of pieces of fruit (between two and ten pieces) for each turn.

How have things changed since our parents and grandparents were children?

Our history topic next half term will be looking at changes within living memory. We will be looking at the ways everyday life has changed since our parents and grandparents were children. This area of history is one where we can find out about the past simply by asking questions. While we may not be able to meet relatives, you may call or video chat to them to find out more.


You may wish to talk about the changes in:

1. The ways we communicate (telephones, mobile phones, smart phones, video calls, letters, the internet, email)

2. The ways we have fun (toys, television, board games, consoles, books, tablets)

3. The ways we shop (local shops, markets, supermarkets, deliveries, online shopping, click and collect)

Any other ideas would be fantastic additions to our learning.


Please enjoying sharing your family history and please share any photographs of any "relics" you may have on ClassDojo or our Facebook page.

Autumn Walk

Autumn is upon us and there are many changes we see during this time. You may wish to go on your own Autumn walk together.


Questions you might like to ask and discuss with your child:

1. What season of the year is it?

2. How do you know?/ How can you tell?

3. What changes are happening?

4. What do you like about this season?

5. What do you not like about this season?

6. What do the woodland animals do as the weather becomes colder?


Share some of your Autumn walk photos on ClassDojo or our Facebook page.