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Our sound today was ‘d’. Can you remember how to write your ‘d’ sound from this morning? We go ‘round his bottom, up his tall neck and down to his feet’ to make a d, d, d, d, dinosaur. 


Remember your letter formation can be practised in lots of different and creative ways. You might like to get messy and form your letters in shaving foam, salt or glitter (remember to help tidy up afterwards if you do this), or you might prefer to write your sound on paper lots of times in different colours and with different pens, pencils, crayons etc.


I formed my letter ‘d’ using flour today, take a look below.


Still image for this video

If you want to keep on practising, turn to page 14 in your handwriting book and find the line that says ‘d’. Please remember to save the other letters on that page for another day.