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Half Term Project

Design a classroom

I'm busy making changes to the classroom and I need your help. I would like you to design your perfect classroom including everything you've ever wanted but never had. Where would you put the board, the tables and the sink? What displays are on the wall and what will your "Book Nook" look like?


You could use a recycled box and use other recycled materials for your design. If you have Lego, you could include doors and windows. You could also draw a map of your classroom from a bird's eye view.


This is a perfect opportunity to discuss the changes that will be made at school, even if you do not plan to return. Talking about how social distancing will look in school and how the changes will help to keep children safe will help to reassure anxious little minds. It will also give you chance to discuss their fears and misunderstandings using a positive and fictional classroom model.


Send in a photo of your finished design through ClassDojo or Facebook.


You will be receiving a text message from me with a username and password for Numbots. For those of you with siblings in Key Stage 2, you may be familiar with Times Table Rockstars, Numbots is a similar website (and app) to support Maths learning through fun games and activities. It is a fun alternative to Mathletics which follows the mastery approach to maths that we have been using in class. You also get to create and earn coins to upgrade and customise your character.

See how many badges you can earn!

Stay tuned...

I will update the class page with details regarding the phased return of Year 1 when (if) they are confirmed for June 1st or otherwise.


Have a great half term, and please contact me if you have any queries regarding the return to school.

Take care. smiley

Mr Lester.