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Friday 8th January

Today's timetable

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Maths Break English Phonics & Reading Lunch Creative Golden Time


8:55 - 9:55 Maths


2D faces

Please connect to Google Classrooms for a 15 minute to Meet to talk you through your learning today.

Today we will continue with our shape learning of faces of 3D shapes and objects. Yesterday we drew around objects and found out the shape of its face. Today we will be finding ALL of the faces of an object, thinking of their shape. We will be counting the number faces and grouping them by shape.

My tent has 5 faces all together. There are some triangle faces and a square face on its base.


Task 1:

  • Find an object
  • Find one of its faces and think about what 2D shape it is. Count all of the faces that are the same shape.
  • Find and count any other faces of that shape and record your findings in your yellow maths book like my example below.

I would like you to find at least 3 different objects from around your home and explore all of their faces. You could use tins, cereal boxes, containers.


Task 2:

Using the facts about the faces of your shape, can you name which 3D shape it is. The picture below may help.



10:35 - 11:35

English - Colourful semantics.

Build and write sentences.

Please connect to Google Classrooms for a 15 minute to Meet to talk you through your learning today.

Today we will be using our three colourful cards to build silly sentences. We will not have a picture prompt so you can go crazy with some wacky ideas. Here are some examples of my silly sentences.

Use the question prompts: who? what doing? and what? to build up your sentence. Cut out and place your cards into the correct boxes and add in the special blue "carrot" shaped cards to build a full sentence. (Please DO NOT stick your cards onto your grid. We typically do this in class but as you only have one grid, you will need to keep it for use another day please.) 

Once you have done, open up your Blue Writing Book and use your sounds to write down your sentence. I would love to see 3 of the silliest sentences you can come up with!

Don't forget to include:

  • capital letters
  • finger spaces
  • full stops

Send me a photo of your completed sentence through ClassDojo.

Colourful Semantics

This video explains how we use Colourful Semantics in Year 1 to help us write sentences.

11:35 - 12:00


Speed sound lesson

Please follow the link below to the RWI speed sounds lesson. Please choose the Set 3 sound lesson unless I have messaged you otherwise. You have the option to also join in with the spelling video to match the sound should you wish.



You can access a free online e-library from Oxford Owl using the login details below. Please select the Read Write Inc. eBook library and select a book from you're child's colour band. (The colour of the cover of their RWI story book.)

Class name: klester

Password: Password1



1:20 - 2:20



Please connect to Google Classrooms for a 15 minute to Meet to talk you through your learning today.

Today we will be looking at an artist called Simon Beck.

Simon Beck is an artist who doesn't use paint or crayons. He uses snow!

Simon Beck uses his footprints as he walks through the snow to create some extremely large and beautiful designs in the snow. Take a look at some of his creations:

Wrap up warm and see if you can recreate some of his snowy artwork in your own style. You may even find some ice or frost on a window that you can create a smaller design on.

I look forward to seeing your wonderful designs!


It did not snow as much as was forecast. Please see the video below for an alternative activity.


2:20 - 2:55

Golden Time

We always enjoy our Friday afternoon treat at the end of the week.

If you have enough snow left, you could choose to build a snowman or make snow angles.

If you need warming up, head inside and play a board game or make a den where you can play. Take this time to have some fun after all of the amazing work you have been doing at home! Well done. Have a safe and relaxing weekend and I will see you next week.

Creative Lesson Alternative: How To Make Easy Paper Snowflakes

It did not snow as much as had been forecast so here is a tutorial on how to make a paper snowflake.